Choo Sarang Make G-Dragon Flustered with Her Intended Wardrobe Malfunction

On this week's episode of 'The Return Of Superman,' Big Bang's G-Dragon visited the home of Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang, drawing attention with his adorable yet unpredictable first experience with Choo Sarang.

Following their meal where Choo Sarang was revealed to be a huge fan of Big Bang and G-Dragon, the two were seen helping Choo Sung Hoon clean up the dishes by bringing it over to the sink. However, when Choo Sarang spilt dark sauce all over the white dress, G-Dragon hurriedly grabbed a towel to help wipe it off.

As G-Dragon was generously wiping off the sauce from her dress, Choo Sarang said, "Daddy, then I think I should take it off," startling G-Dragon with her next move.

To both G-Dragon and Choo Sung Hoon's surprise, Choo Sarang undressed herself and started to run around the house in her underwear.

Watch below as G-Dragon get flustered by Choo Sarang's bold move!
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