The Main Reason Why Haru and Tablo Decided To Left "Return Of Superman" Revealed

Epik High’s Tablo recently sat down for an interview with news outlet Ilgan Sports to discuss his family, his new label, and other topics.

It's been a while since Tablo and his lovely daughter Haru left the popular show 'The Return Of Superman' last December. You might have wondered why they left the show when they were receiving so much love from viewers.

After introducing his label HIGHGRND, he is asked about his daughter Haru and her unicorn. It’s been a year since they left popular variety show “The Return of Superman.” Tablo comments, “Sometimes we re-watch ‘The Return of Superman.’ I like that there’s a record that we would have never been able to take. If parents were to film with their camcorder, there would be a lot of things that would get missed. But for us, there’s a record we can turn back to. I like that we can remember and look back at it like a photo album. Nowadays, when I watch ‘The Return of Superman’ with Haru, we go back to places that she said was fun.”

Then the interviewer asks Tablo if it was difficult for Haru’s childhood being revealed when she got older. He answers, “I talked a lot with Haru. We also asked a doctor. 100 percent of the reason why we left ‘The Return of Superman’ is because Haru said she wanted to stop. I played with Haru a lot when we weren’t filming ‘The Return of Superman’ as well. It seemed like she was uncomfortable when cameras, a producer, and a writer came once a month. Since they have to change videotapes, the flow of playing would get interrupted. "Haru told me, 'I can play well even without the cameras,' and so there was no reason to keep going with the show."
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