Song Il Gook Is Heavy-Hearted and Blames Himself for Daehan’s Weak Eyesight

On the September 13 episode of “Return of Superman,” Song Il Guk and the triplets visit an eye doctor and receive some troubling news.
When it’s Daehan‘s turn to get a check-up, Song Il Guk informs the doctor, “Daehan keeps blinking excessively these days, I think it’s because he can’t see well.” It turns out that Daehan does blink a lot when he’s watching TV.

After checking him, the doctor says that Daehan has weak eyesight and has to wear glasses for the rest of his life. Hearing those words, Song Il Gook says, “But he’s so young,” and looks hurt.

Letting out a big sigh, Song Il Guk comes home and calls his wife, telling her, “I gave him a bad trait and I feel so sorry,” and thinks that Daehan’s weak eyesight is his fault.
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