Must Read!! The Superwoman Behind Song Triplet Family

The amazing background of Judge Jung Seung Yeon, Song triplet's mother as well as wife of actor, Song Il Gook, has been recently revealed.

On the November 9 broadcast of tvN’s “The List 2015,” a list for “Stars with Successful Wives” has been revealed in which Song Il Gook placed second place. Judge Jung Seung Yeon was revealed to have placed in the top 1 percent at her school and in 2000, was admitted into Seoul National University’s Department of Justice where she obtained her master’s and doctoral degrees with honors.

She maintained great grades at the Judicial Research and Training Institute and at the age of 33, was appointed as a Busan District Court judge. Currently, she works at the Incheon District Court.
To top that off, Judge Jung Seung Yeon can also speak Japanese, English, and French. She has even become close friends with Sarang’s mother, Yano Shiho, due to the fact that she is able to communicate with her perfectly in Japanese.

Song Il Gook quickly fell in love with such an amazing woman and married her after dating her for one year and six months.

 Note: Jung Seung Yeon’s image is blurred due to her being a public official and a non-celebrity. The alteration of the image was not done by us.
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