“The Return Of Superman” Our Free Spirit Manse Has a Depressing Idea of What Chuseok Is

Manse, one of Song Il Gook‘s triplets from “The Return Of Superman,” has a depressing idea of what the Chuseok holiday is all about.
On the September 27 broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s “The Return Of Superman,” Song Il Gook and his triplets Daehan, Minguk, and Manse dress up in traditional Korean clothing and say their Chuseok greetings to the viewers.
During the greeting, Song Il Gook asks his sons, “What do you do during the Chuseok holiday?”
The adorable Manse’s quick answer surprises everyone, “You work during Chuseok.”
At this, Song Il Gook laughs and concedes that it’s true, commenting, “You’re right, mom works.”
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