Choo Sarang is helplessly falling in love with G-Dragon

 Choo Sarang is falling fast and hard for G-Dragon, and as we know from experience, there is no such thing has jumping off the bandwagon when it comes to this heartthrob idol!

On this week's episode of 'The Return of Superman,' G-Dragon made a special visit to Choo Sung Hoon's house with a surprise present for Choo Sarang.

In the video, the two are seen struggling to unwrap the box before Choo Sarang forcibly rips off one part of the box. Then, G-Dragon goes full boyfriend-mode as he assembles the vanity for Choo Sarang.

Throughout the episode, you will catch Choo Sarang gazing over at G-Dragon with hearts in her eyes as G-Dragon wears a daddy-smile across his face watching Choo Sarang and her adorable antics.

If you weren't able to catch these two in this week's episode of 'The Return of Superman,' check out an excerpt above that will make you want to get on that right away!

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