Lee Seoeon & Lee Seojun On Fish Market, What Curious Seojun Think About This Place?

Seo Eon and Seo Jun of "The Return Of Superman" get involved involvement with a fish showcase in a forthcoming scene.

Since the twins are keen on fish, they choose to set out on a trek to a fish market. They 22 month old baby look like experts with their overskirts. Diverting minutes are relied upon to happen.

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Wearing waterproof apparatus and yellow elastic boots, the twins mix in consistently at the fish market. Lee Seo Jun even holds up a live shrimp with his exposed hands.

As opposed to feeling trepidation with all the fluttering fish around them, their eyes shimmer with interest as they experience distinctive mixtures of fish. Father Lee Hwi Jae attempted to startle them by saying, "The fish are greater than you guys!" The twins were determined and got angle as substantial as themselves.

In this scene, Seo Jun likewise meets a little shark. Viewers are expecting the trade as the little child has just seen sharks through pictures as such. Netizens have remarked, "They are so charming," "They have no trepidation," and "I think I'm going to kick the bucket from their adorableness" in addition to different responses.

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