Who Miss Haru? You Want To Know The Improvement Of Her Music Natural Talent? Check This Out


Even our lovely chick girl Lee Haru leave "The Return Of Superman" on the end of last year, we will keep on update with her news to let you know what she doin while not recording the show anymore. 

Epik High's Tablo and Kang Hye Jung's girl, Lee Haru, uncovered her self created music.

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On January , through her family's Instagram, she posted a picture with the subtitles, "my new song #busking."

In the uncovered picture, she is playing a little measured guitar while singing verses on the spot. It is particularly recognizable how she is lovably satisfied yet bashful when her mom compliments her.

Haru has as of now been known to have extraordinary musical ability, a while ago making "Straw Song" with her father on "Return Of Superman." Back then, she had unresponsively recorded the ensemble of the tune and played with the music supplies. A few scenes of the show have demonstrated her chiming in to K-pop melodies on-beat and on-tune.

Then, Lee Haru and Tablo got a considerable measure of adoration from viewers through "The Return Of Superman." Unfortunately, they needed to leave on the end of last year due Tablo's busy schedule.

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