Unstoppable Rating From 'The Return of Superman' Leave The Competitors

Kbs2tv's "The Return Of Superman" which also called Superman Is Back kept up in front of the pack in the Sunday evening time opening.

As per an appraisals report by Nielsen Korea, the February 1 telecast of "The Return Of Superman" recorded a viewership rating of 19.8 percent by the national standard. The show has been unstoppable, with appraisals on the ascent for four weeks in a row.

The current week's scene denote a 0.1 percent expansion from the past scene's appraising of 19.7 percent.

Time space peers SBS' "K-Pop Star 4" and MBC's new show "Creatures" are clearly attempting to stay aware of the charm of the offspring of "Return Of Superman," particularly with Chu Sarang's continuous sentiment with Song Manse. "K-Pop Star 4" arrived second place with 11.9 percent and "Creatures" came in third at 4.3 percent.

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