Yoo Ho Jeong Leave Narator Position Of "Return Of Superman"

Breaking news to those of you who have delighted in listening to the narator of Kbs2tv's "Return Of Superman"

A source in the korean entertainment business uncovered to news outlet TV Report on December 31, "Yoo Ho Jeong will be abandoning her position as the narator of 'Return Of Superman.' Her last recording will soon be held."

The performing artist's office SM Entertainment has affirmed the news. "Doubtlessly Yoo Ho Jeong will be leaving the show. Her last recording will happen on January 2."

Yoo Ho Jeong has been the voice of the prevalent reality show since August 24, when she was chosen as the new narator taking after the leave of Shin Ae Ra. The performer has been cherished by the viewers for her warm and tender voice that fits with the show's family subject.

On the other side, performing artist Uhm Tae Woong and his girl will be joining the show one week from now, while Tablo and Haru offer goodbye to the viewers on the most recent scene.

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