Superman's Triplet Calendar Makes Almost One Billion Won!!

The cute Superman's triplets Daehan, Mingook, Manse of "Return Of Superman" are demonstrating their huge prevalence with the offers of their 2015 calendar.

In the wake of opening up preorder on December 23, the triplets' schedule has sold 168,000 duplicates on online e-trade webpage Auction by December 30. The horrible benefits from the deals up for sale alone is just about one billion won.

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As the schedules are generally sold on other e-trade destinations like Gmarket and eleventh St, the last deal figure is relied upon to be nearing 200,000 duplicates.

The requests for the schedule will close on December 31, and the schedules will be dispatched out beginning January 5.

At first, the triplets' father Song Il Gook was anticipating making the timetable for acquaintances, yet after incalculable solicitations for available datebooks after the show, he chose to make table schedules with benefits going to philanthropy.

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