Controversy: "Return Of Superman" Copying “Dad! Where Are We Going?”

The head producer of "Return Of Superman", Kang Bong Kyu has tended to the contention with respect to the show's similitudes with "Dad! Where Are We Going?"

On December last year, there was a question and answer session and end-of-year gathering for Kbs2′s "Return Of Superman ."

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Kang Bong Kyu said, "When I initially arranged it, I did expect some debate because of the likenesses. Notwithstanding, there are such a variety of contrasts from 'Dad! Where Are We Going?' that I don't think I can even say every one of them."

He continue, "We needed to depict regular life, not travel. So we attempted to separation ourselves however much as could be expected and demonstrate the more regular sides. In that fundamental theory, the shows are distinctive."

Then, the 58th scene of "Return Of Superman" recorded 19.6 percent as per the viewer appraisals think-tank Nielsen Korea, which is up 2.0 percent from the past scene. This puts "Return Of Superman" at the highest point of the viewer rating rundown for now is the ideal time opening for a surprising 26 weeks in succession.

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