Lee Seoeon and Lee Seojun Play With Face Full Of Flour In Upcoming Episode 'Superman is Back'

Our twin baby Seoeon and Seojun transformed into cute little polar bears in upcoming episode for 'Return Of Superman' Show!

Lee Hwi Jae took his twins to a flour experience center for the baby development for their sense of touch. Contrary to expectations, the normally curious Lee Seojun got scared of the pile of flour, while Lee Seoeon, who normally has a lot of fears, turned the flour into his playground.

Lee Hwi Jae looked at Seoeon, who was all covered with flour, and told him, "Seoeon. You became a bear. A polar bear." He also tried to get Seojun interested in the flour by jokingly putting flour on Seojun's face, but got an indifferent reaction.

Stay tuned for the flour action this Sunday!

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