"Black" Pancake In The Morning Made Choovely Family's Day

'Choovely family' fans have a lot to look forward to on 'Return Of Superman' episode for this week with Choo Sarang's laughing parade as well as Jang Geun Suk's visit!

On the upcoming episode of 'Superman Is back', Choo Sung Hoon made pancakes breakfast and Choo Sarang showed her eating broadcast as usual by digging into her breakfast plate of mango, melon, and pancake with her hearty appetite because her dad cook this for her. While Choo Sung Hoon was cooking his own pancake on the stove, Choo Sarang kept distracting him with her comments, leading Choo Sung Hoon to accidentally burn his pancake.

Choo Sarang found this funny and couldn't stop laughing as she told him, "Daddy's [pancake] is black. Daddy failure! Daddy failure," going off on a laughing parade.

Jang Geun Suk also stopped by on this upcoming episode to get closer with Choo Sarang, but will he succeed? Stay tune and keep visit this blog for more update!

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