Is It Only Me? That Lee Hwijae Prefer Seoeon Than Seojun?

Am I the only one who thinks that lee hwi jae is focusing too much on seoeon?

I bet many of you think so.
We ever see a scene when Lee Hwijae tried to give Seojun to be brought by his wife instead stayed at home. So they were playing a little trick : if Seojun came to Lee Hwijae when Lee Hwijae called his name,  Seojun will be stayed at home with Lee Hwijae and Seooen. if Seojun never responded to Lee Hwijae, he'll be with his mom. I remember it correctly, her wife told that Lee Hwijae is Seojun most favorite so she was really confident that Seojun will come to Lee Hwijae and this is what was happened for sure in the end.

I found it beome interesting. I'm still reading some comments on the other official confusing and tense blog about how Lee Hwijae and his wife have different treatment for the twin that the commenters think it will be potentially bring sibling rivalry issue to the twin when they're both growing up in the future. But, as i'm watching this show, there were some scenes when Lee Hwijae took himself on Seojun behalf and defended Seojun when the twin fought.
Parent has their own favorite children and it is a natural thing, also since we'll know well that it's really hard to be able to be fair in all circumstances. and in the twin case, they're clearly showing us that Seooen has more medical issues compared to Seojun and this issue is still make Lee Hwijae-his wife worry much about Seooen. (maybe) this is the reason why they're instinctively put more attention to Seooen...

But recently i think It is completely normal in families, dividing attention between siblings is hard. However, siblings do bring joy to everyone in the family in the end. Because seoeon cries so much and seojun is quiet, lee hwijae look like he drop all his attention to Seoeon.

Remember that the show edits and plan things alot to avoid repetition in the episodes or else it will be boring to the viewers. Seojun and Seoun really love their parents. Seojun cried for daddy at home after seeing his daddy on tv [shown in instagram] and the twins smile and laugh most of the time unless their fighting each other.
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