Sarang Spent Happy Date with Her Grandpa and Grandma On Next Episode of "The Return of Superman Show"

Sarang Chan continued to spend precious time with her grandparents in Osaka, Japan in preview cuts for 'Return Of Superman Show'!

On the upcoming episode, Choo Sarang Chan went on a date with her grandparents without her father. As usual, her grandpa only had eyes for his adorable and stylish granddaughter.

The trio choovely family went shopping for swimming suits, and her grandpa asked her, "Sarang Chan! Pick out a swimming suit for grandpa."  Sarang picked out a Mickey Mouse-themed children's swimming suit, but when her grandpa told her, "That's too small," Choo Sarang didn't quit her love for Mickey Mouse and showed him another Mickey Mouse swimming suit. She definitely had a good time hanging out with her grandparents, and by the end of the day, she was so happy that she danced.

Stay tuned for The Return Of Superman Show this Sunday!
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