Lee Seojun Special Move!! He Trying To Get Attention From Rayul

Lee Hwijae and his twin's surprised Lee Hwijae with their special talents in preview cuts for 'Return Of Superman Show'!

On the upcoming episode, Lee Hwijae kept his promise to babysit Shoo's twins, so that she could go get a relaxing massage and invited her daughters Rayi and Rayul to his house. Of course, it wasn't easy to take care of the four children, but the highlight of the day was when Rayi and Rayul started dancing in their seats when music started playing. Lee Hwijae started laughing at the cuteness overload and commented, "You have a lot of excitement just like your mother."

But the talent show didn't stop there when Lee Seojun suddenly started lifting his belly up, going into a yoga position. This surprised Lee Hwijae who asked in amazement, "Lee Seojun! Where did you learn that?"

Stay tuned for another adorable episode this Sunday!
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