Finally Choo Sarang Enjoy Her Judo Exercise with Her Dad and Grandfather

Our lady, Sarang Chan followed her father's footsteps this time by practicing judo in preview cuts for 'Return Of Superan Show'!

On the upcoming episode, Sarang's dad, Choo Sunghoon and Sarang visited her grandparents for sarang grandma's birthday in Osaka where sarang also visited the judo center which on the first episode of ROS, Choo Sunghoon ever tried to did judo with sarang here. Sarang put on her blue judo uniform and didn't show any fear as she faced off against her grandpa. Although she's little, she was able to pin down her opponent on the floor to which her grandpa joked, "Grandpa is hurting."
She definitely impressed her dad and grandpa with her extraordinary strength and showed her potential to be a champion one day like her father.
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