New Triplets Babies On Our Show!!! Song Il Kook And His Triplets Make Their Entrance

Return Of Superman show welcome their new member related to news about Jang Junu & Jang Junseo's family which left this show because some schedular issue.

Actor Song Il Kook and his triplets Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Se (2 years old) made their entrance on 'Return Of Superman' as shown in the preview cuts released!

During the recording for upcoming episode, Song Il Kook shared, "My wife gave me this mission... First off, I have to get through the 48 hours... I guess she thinks I won't survive the 48 hours," and showed his confidence about getting through it without a hitch. But that confidence was put to the test when he took his triplets to the park, who gave their dad a handful to take care of. Dae Han played like a fish meeting water while Min Guk flashed his smile and godness upon seeing the fountain, and Man Se took off to run around the park.

Song Il Kook also shared the highs and lows of raising triplets, "Because they're triplets, it's three times the difficulty but it's also three times the joy."

Welcome Song Il Kook's clan on 'Superman is Back' this Sunday!

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