Song Minguk Face Into An Extreme Crisis While Carrying Bunch Of Drinks

This weekend’s “The Return Of Superman” looks like it’s got quite the show in store for viewers, dropping adorable teasers for the Song triplets, Lee twins, Chu Sarang, and Uhm Ji On.

In the triplets’ teaser, it looks like the Song triplets take a trip to the sauna. Minguk is on an errand from dad Song Il Gook, and goes to the in-facility vendor to ask for some sikhye, or sweet rice drink. As he totes the two giant bottles of sikhye and bottle of water, he seems quite content, taking sips from the left bottle, then from the right bottle. However, as he gets closer to his destination, Minguk’s grip looks more and more precarious. In the end, he bursts into tears, saying, “Dad! Come quickly!”

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