How Much Has Daehan Minguk Manse Grown in 9 Months?

If you’ve watched Daehan Minguk Manse on “Superman Returns” since they first joined the show, you have probably noticed their drastic development and transformation week by week, but just how much have they grown in nine months?

On last broadcast of KBS’ “The Return Of Superman,” dad Song Il Guk checked Daehan Minguk Manse's height and weight measurements to see how much they have grown.

Nine months ago, Daehan was 94 centimeters tall and weighed 15.35 kilograms, Minguk was 93 centimeters tall and weighed 15.35 kilograms, and Manse was 91 centimeters tall and weighed 14.5 kilograms.
After taking their news measurements, it was revealed that Daehan is 103 centimeters tall and weighs 17.65 kilograms, Minguk is 101 centimeters tall and weighs 17.8 kilograms, and Manse is 99 centimeters tall and weighs 16.85 kilograms.

Seeing this, Song Il Guk expressed his surprise, saying, “They all grew 8-9 centimeters. Dad grew a lot sideways. When I see the first broadcast, I get startled,” and showed his determination to go on a diet.
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