What Uhm Ji On's Reaction To Her Aunt Uhm Jung Hwa's Aegyo? Her Reaction Was Priceless

Finally! Viewers have been sitting tight for artist Uhm Jung Hwa to go ahead "The Return Of Superman" after her sibling Uhm Tae Woong began showing up on the show with his little girl Uhm Ji On. The day has taken a swing at finally, as viewers will have the capacity to watch Uhm Jung Hwa going to her niece on April′s scene

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Uhm Jung Hwa has just showed up on the show before when she conversed with Uhm Tae Woong and Uhm Ji On through feature visit.

Korea's "most sexy diva" Uhm Jung Hwa reveals to us another side of herself as Aunt Jung Hwa in this scene. It is especially enjoyable to see her together with Uhm Ji On since they look so much similar.

It's unmistakable that Uhm Jung Hwa is really committed to her niece. She'd really been out of the nation for a month and a half before the day they shot this scene. As opposed to taking eventually off to rest after her trek, she went straight to Uhm Tae Woong's home.

She comes with a prize for her niece Uhm Ji On. However since its been a while subsequent to the two have seen one another, Uhm Ji On is a little timid around Uhm Jung Hwa at first. So Uhm Jung Hwa needs to haul out the aegyo to get her to grin.

Watch the show on April 5 to check whether Uhm Jung Hwa has the capacity get Uhm Ji On to warm up to her, and in the event that her charming niece recollects how to say "Aunty"

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