Lee Seoeon & Lee Seojun Transform Into Face and Body Reaction Expert

The twins from 'The Return Of Superman' gotten the mass open's eyes with their responses.

On April 5, the 72nd scene of KBS 'The Return Of Superman' will air. Amid the scene, the twins Seoeon and Seojun demonstrated their charming appearances and they will make the gathering of people grin.

At the point when the twins went to a duck restaurant, they had duck meats. After they tasted it, they got energized and uncovered bliss on their appearances. Along Lee Hwi Jae's singing, they likewise hit the dancefloor with the rhythms and shook their arms.

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In addition, the twins continued demonstrating different comic expression. At the point when Lee Hwi Jae put his hands on his cheeks to copy Kevin from motion picture 'Home Alone', the twins replicated what he did. They likewise roared with laughter and didn't miss any points of interest much the same as 'Response twins'.

Specifically, Lee Seojun included another moniker after 'Lee Jang Ggu' – 'Lee Zzanggu'. He continued putting duck meats into his mouth much the same as an infant squirrel and his cheek appeared to appear soon. His face with brimming with duck meats in his mouth helps to remember a toon character Zzanggu and earned another handle.

In the mean time, the 72nd scene of 'The Return Of Superman' will air on April 5 at 4:50pm KST.

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