Song Il Gook Wants His Boys to Treat Each Other as Older and Younger Brothers

Song Il Gook, who is right now showing up on "The Return Of Superman" with his lovable triplets, Daehan Minguk Manse uncovered why he needs his triplets to treat one another as more seasoned and more youthful siblings.

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On the 62nd scene of Kbs2 theatrical presentation "Superman Returns," the triplets went to a customary school building to get lessons in manners and calligraphy.

At the school building, Manse was taught to call his more established siblings, Daehan and Minguk, "hyung" (more established sibling). Manse loyally called his siblings the way he was taught.

In a meeting with the makers, Song Il Guk said, "Starting now and into the foreseeable future, truly need to treat one another as more established or more youthful siblings. This is on account of Daehan upheld his more youthful siblings from the minute they were in their mom's womb. I additionally was not ready to give careful consideration to Daehan before his first birthday in light of the fact that I was dealing with Minguk and Manse."

He further clarified the motivations to why he needed Daehan to be called as a more seasoned sibling, saying, "Even in this way, he never griped and rather put on a solid face. I'm attempting to make Minguk and Manse call him a more established sibling on the grounds that I'm sad for the absence of consideration he got."

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