Did You Notice Manse's Gentlemanly Toward Sarang Whole Day?

On the up coming February show of KBS' "The Return Of Superman," performing artist Song Il Gook's most youthful triplet child, Manse, will be showing his honorable conduct only for Choo Sarang. Is the affection toward Sarang called pure love?

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Cams will take after the second part of Sarang's visit to Korea and her gathering with the triplets, Daehan, Minguk, and Manse, on the scene of "The Return Of Superman."

In the recent uncovered review cuts, the typically free-energetic Manse can be seen show an alternate side of himself. It is said that Manse conveyed Sarang's sled for her and dealt with her while playing around in the snow. The delightful still cut likewise demonstrates 'Ruler Manse' going in for a peck to wake up 'Resting Beauty Sarang.'

In the wake of seeing his most youthful child dealing with Sarang, Song Il Gook communicated his shock, saying, "I didn't know Manse had such great behavior."

This scene of "Superman Returns" will air on February 8 at 4:50 p.m

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