Song Il Gook: Another Twin Daughter? I'll Get Hit If My Wife Hear I Says That

At a "Return Of Superman" year-end party, Song Il Gook was receive a question as to whether he was jealous of different fathers on the show. He picked Choo Sung Hoon and Tablo, who are both raising girls. He imparted, "Genuinely, I was truly trusting one of the triplets would be a young lady, however every one of the three turned out sons."

He proceeded by saying, "I can't genuinely get some information about having a girl. In the event that I were to bring it up, I think I would get hit by my wife," making everybody snicker.

On the scene that broadcast on December 28, Song Il Gook was demonstrated investing time with Choo Sarang and totally falling to her, actually saying "I need a girl much the same as Sarang."

Viewers of the "Return Of Superman" will recollect Song Il Guk at one time specifying that he as of now had names selected for any girls he may have: Woo Ri and Na Ra. Joined with the triplets' names, the five names would make a patriotic cheer.

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