Who's Going Too Much? Caption Editor Of 'Return Of Superman', Or The Viewers?

Another criticism from viewers of 'Return Of Superman' to the producers or especcially for editing team. And this time viewers are little bit too much responses to this situation.

On the November 23 episode of the show, Lee Hwi Jae and his twins, Lee Seoeon and Lee Seojun, went to Song Il Gook and his triplets Daehan, Minguk, and Manse house. During their visit, Lee Hwi Jae gave Robocarpoli toys as gifts to each of the triplets, every kids got one each. But soon after he handing them out, Daehan and Manse got into a fight over the Robocarpoli toys. The episode showed Daehan taking away a red Robocarpoli toy that Manae had been playing with, causing the youngest to burst in tears over the situation.

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When Song Il Kook was disciplining Daehan and Manse, Daehan especially seemed to be resistant to kiss and hug to make up. This seemed a bit odd as Daehan has been always portrayed as the more considerate triplet among the three who looks out for his brothers. Song Il Guk then told Man Se to play with the red toy first and then Daehan later, so that each child would have time to play with it, and told Daehan that he needed to be more understanding as the oldest. However, Daehan sulked in sadness by going into their playroom by himself and putting himself to sleep with the covers pulled up over his head.

It seems there was a reason behind Daehan acting a bit out of character as netizens discovered after watching the scene more closely, that Daehan was the original owner of the red toy! It seems he and Man Se had tried switching toys sometime later and when Daehan was simply asking for it back saying, "Give It Back", the show had written for its captions, "Daehan who is suddenly showing interest in Manse's toy... Daehan who took Manse's toy."

However, it's clear the captions describe the situation with the words, “Daehan shows interest in Manse’s toy,” and, “Daehan takes away Man Se’s toy.” 
Lee Hwi Jae, who seemed to be aware of the truth behind the conflict, asked Manse, “Where’s Manse’s Robocarpoli? Manse’s toy is here,” and when Manse showed interest in playing with the red toy, Lee Hwi Jae continued to ask, “You want that one? You want Daehan’s one?”

After finding out what actually happened, the show’s viewers have expressed their disappointment over the captions written by the producers, claiming how the comments are ‘inappropriate’ and ‘unfair.’

Last month, “Return Of Superman” was criticized for allowing more frequent appearance of the mothers on the show, which contrasts with the initial purpose and basic variety of the program.

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