Not Only His Dad's Bag, Daehan Also Care With The Cameraman

Actor Song Il Guk’s oldest triplet son, Daehan, showed his kindhearted and natural first born act on this week’s broadcast of “Return Of Superman,” melting the hearts of every viewers.

On the December 7th episode of KBS’ variety program “Return Of Superman,” Song Il Guk took his triplets – Daehan, Minguk, and Manse – to visit and experience life in the countryside surrounded by farm.

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Cameras showed the actor and his three kids getting onto a tractor and being taken to a countryside village. During the ride, as the tractor was moving, one of the cameramen tried to change his positioning in order to film from a better angle.

After seeing this, Dae Han, despite his young age, showed concern for the cameraman’s safety and said, “Ahjussi, please be careful,” moving not only the heart of the cameraman, but of the viewers as well.

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