This Is Why We Always Feel Full Whenever We See Daehan Minguk and Manse Eats

The end of November episode of KBS2TV’s “Return Of Superman” featured yet another foodie moment of actor Song Il Guk and his adorable triplets, Daehan, Mingook, and Manse.
To satisfied their stomach, the family headed to a dumpling restaurant. As the Daehan Minguk and Manse have proven that their appetite of food and culinary does not correspond to their size, Song Il Guk decided to play it safe by ordering six large plates of dumplings to prevent his triplet want more dumpling while eating.

Daehan, Minguk, and Manse had one large plate each, while Song Il Guk quickly emptied three large portions all by himself. However, seems like the impressive appetite runs in the family, as the triplets started demanding more dumplings after finishing their plates. The father went on to order two more dumpling portion servings for his sons, who instantly took care of the additional dumplings. And just when Song Il Guk thought everyone has had enough, Manse shocked his father by asking for more.

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