Daehan Minguk Manse Meet 'Real' Dinosaurs

Actor Song Il Guk and his three triplet sons, Daehan, Minguk, and Manse, who are known to be dinosaur-holics. We can see they often call camera as dinosaurs and finally they had their very first encounter with dinosaurs.
KBS’ variety program “Return Of Superman” will be airing an upcoming broadcast that shows dad Song Il Guk taking his sons on a visit to a forest exhibit where models of dinosaurs are put on display for people to see.

Upon seeing the dinosaur models in person, the triplets exclaimed, “Wow, so cool!” as they ran around the exhibit. After encountering a moving dinosaur that could nod and shake its tail, the three boys greeted it, saying, “Hi, dinosaur~ The dinosaur is saying hi!” and they even attempted to have a conversation with it.

However, not too long after, it is said that an unexpected incident caused the three children to burst into tears, forgetting their good memories with the dinosaurs. Instead, they shouted, “Go away, dinosaur!” and shooed it away with their hands.
If you’re curious as to what exactly caused the triplets to turn on their new dinosaur friends, don’t miss out on the upcoming episode of “Return Of Superman".

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