Tablo Say Thanks To All Haru's Fans Through Twitter For Supporting Them

With the last show of Kbs2tv's "Return Of Superman" offering Epik High's Tablo and his daugther Lee Haru just a couple of hours away, Tablo has offered goodbye to the strong viewers through his Twitter.

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On December 28, the artist composed on his Twitter, "By one means or another its as of now the last show. I am now aching for as long as year. The numerous memories and individuals that I am appreciative to – I was cheerful because of you. Upbeat New Year. Much thanks to you in all seriousness. – Haru's Daddy."

For as long as year and two months, Tablo has been adored by the viewers for being a companion like father to Haru and demonstrating his profound fondness for his charming girl. The show will likewise be left aching for Haru's genuine heart and her unequivocal affection for creatures.

The promising new scene will indicate Haru and Tablo going to the grave of Tablo's father.

In the mean time, Tablo is presently occupied with Epik High's Asian show and his own radio show.

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