Tablo And Haru Say Goodbye To Viewers On Today Broadcast, Bye-Bye Haru, We Will Always Love You!!

Epik High's Tablo and his daugther, Haru, will be imparting their last farewell message to viewers through their last show of "Return Of Superman."

On the promising new December 28 show of KBS' "Return Of Superman," Tablo and Haru, who have been on the show and earned much love since the first scene, are situated to say goodbye following one year and two months. This present scene's title, "Haru, Haru Be Happier," uses Haru's name, which signifies "day" in Korean, as a message to live all the more joyfully, step by step.

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For the father and little girl's last taping for the show, they came back to Tablo's father's grave at the end of the day, in the wake of going by a year ago. One year back, Haru yelled to the skies, "Grandpa! I miss you," and moved the hearts of viewers. In the not so distant future, it is said that Haru showed exactly how much she has developed as the year progressed.

As she remained before her granddad's grave, Haru said, "This is a hot pack, grandpa," precisely pressing a hot pack on the gravestone. In the wake of seeing Haru's endearing blessing, Tablo grinned and let her know, "On account of Haru, the sky must be warm now."

When it was at long last time to wrap up the last shooting, Tablo opened up about what the system intended to him and thanked the strong viewers: "In the not so distant future has been the greatest year of my whole life. I think my heart has become inconceivably, alongside Haru, with the satisfaction that has even overcome hardship."

Haru additionally communicated her last farewells, saying, "Bye, we should meet once more," with a huge, brilliant grin all over.

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