Manse Kiss Sarang !!! Is This The Start Of Triangle Love Between Them And Yuto??

It turns out that the one member of our superman triplet, Song Manse has succumbed to the overpowering charms of Choo Sarang!

On the latest new December 21 show of KBS' "Return Of Superman," cams will take after performer Song Il Gook, as he takes his triplet children Daehan, Minguk, and Manse—to Tokyo, Japan to visit the home of Chu Sung Hoon and his girl, Sarang.

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It is said that out of the triplets, Manse, specifically, appeared to be exceptionally warm to Sarang, amazing both fathers, Song Il Gook and Chu Sung Hoon.

When he saw Sarang, Manse broke out into an enormous grin and let out a chuckle. Amid the youngsters' naptime, Manse took the spot right by Sarang, and is said to have brushed her face with his hands, and additionally held her hand, bringing about his sibling Minguk to express his inconvenience.

Additionally, while Song Il Gook invested a bit of time perusing a story to the four youngsters, Man Se separated the quiet climate by going in for a sudden peck on Sarang. In case you're interested with reference to whether Manse had the capacity effectively plant a kiss on Sarang, tune into the promising new scene of "Return Of Superman," which will air on December 21.


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