LOL !!!! Lee Hwijae Draw Doodle On Lee Soejun's Face, Hilarious!!!

Lee Seojun flaunted his drawing abilities the most charming route conceivable in "Superman Returns."

On the scene to be circulated on December 21, Seojun will bring grins to the crowd with a show of his underhanded side.

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In the sneak peak, Lee Hwi Jae gives both Lee Seoeon and Lee Seojun pastels to improve a Christmas card. Nonetheless, everything goes downhill from that point. The devilish Seojun discovers this as the ideal chance to draw on the couch and play around. At the point when Lee Hwi Jae notices the miserable sight of the destroyed couch, he cries in anguish saying, "No, Lee Seojun! This isn't funy!"

Regardless of his father's gloom, Lee Seojun's insidious demonstrations don't stop there. Lee Hwi Jae experiences a mental breakdown when he sees his child circling the house, leaving pastel checks wherever he goes.

Choosing that the best arrangement is to give an eye for an eye, Lee Hwi Jae catches Seojun and draws everywhere all over. From adding a goofy mole to disgusting eyebrows, Lee Hwi Jae's clever touches bring chuckling to the crowd. In spite of the fact that it appears to be as though Seojun is crying due to the doodles all over, he rapidly stands up and resumes drawing again when his father turns away.

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