Lee Hwijae Turns His Image Naturally Through "Return Of Superman"

Lee Hwi Jae's ardent tears are touching the viewers of "The Return Of Superman" like never before. Lee Hwi Jae, who had been frequently spotted sitting agreeably for studio-recorded projects, has been uncovering the "genuine side" of him through the truth TV show, on which he shows up with his twin children, Lee Seoeon and Lee Seojun. Through the show, viewers of "The Return Of Superman" have seen the twins' first steps and heard their first words.

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Needing to deal with his children all without anyone else's input for the show, Lee Hwi Jae imparted his reasons for alarm to the viewers from the begin. Towards the start of the show, he was found on cam crying with the twins when he neglected to solace them. This side of Lee Hwi Jae is a huge difference to him as a MC in a studio, in which he is constantly smooth and decently prepped. In "The Return Of Superman," he is regularly seen with a hair band on his head and chasing after the twins attempting to clean up their wreckage. Lee Hwi Jae as a novice superman gave a totally distinctive point of view toward the performer – who was regularly seen as a "playboy" – to numerous viewers.

Additionally, numerous have been disheartened by the news that Lee Hwi Jae's eyes are in amazingly terrible condition; it was uncovered through the demonstrate that Lee Hwi Jae has cataract in both eyes. The performer expressed that he may have even need to enjoy a reprieve from his profession if his left eye gets to be more awful. He himself having inherited his eyes from his father, he was to a great degree tormented by the thought that his twins may battle with the same condition later on.

Lee Hwi Jae uncovered sides of his life that can't be seen without tears. Viewing and encountering the great and terrible times with him, viewers have been touched by his truthfulness. In the event that there had been any biases against the performer previously, a lot of people now realize that he is a capable father who regularly cries at the possibility of his family

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