EPREV: The Return Of Superman Show Ep.34 - Welcome New Family, Song II Kook

finally we can watch cute act of the triplet on screen. Those three are really identical each other, their faces are simillar to their appa and i found it quiet hard to recognizes them easily. So far after i watch this episode i just got to know who is Minguk without any mistake, his type of hair was help us much

there's a some scenes it would be good if the MC shin ae ra tease or comment about the children and their dad. But we still love this show especially when several times Seoeon took bottle from shoo's twin girls

He is so cute and greedy and seojun just stood looking at the twins girls
watching the triplet is like watching what kind of life LHJ family will look like in the future. Lee Hwijae need a lot of advice and learn from our new family related with the fast growing of his twins.

But unfortunately for all of you who want to watch it with eng sub, it not yet uploaded on youtube. However if you really want to see it or not patient enough to wai, just enjoy the raw episode. To watch RAW Return Of Superman Ep. 34 go to the link below.
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