Minguk Sad Moment When Soo Ah Refuses His Kiss on “The Return of Superman”

On the recent episode of “The Return of Superman” on September 11, Song Il Gook‘s triplets and Lee Dong Gook‘s Seol Ah and Soo Ah finally met.
The children greet each other and quickly become good friends. Su Ah even pulls Minguk in for a hug when he’s walking around, making him turn shy.

However, when Minguk tries to give Soo Ah a kiss, she refuses and makes him sad.
Minguk succeeds in kissing and comforting Seol Ah, though, when she’s fussy due to sleep. When Song Il Gook sees Minguk doing that, he suggests giving a kiss to Soo Ah, too.
Minguk follows his dad’s suggestion and goes closer to her, but Soo Ah turns her head and leaves Minguk looking sad.

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