It's Real Dinosaurs!!! Run For Your Life Guys!!!! Daehan Minguk Manse Meet Dinosaurs

Fans of “Return Of Superman” know that the Daehan Minguk Manse Really love dinosaurs, but it seems like they can’t handle seeing “real” ones that well.

After the check Daehan's eyes and buy him a eyeglasses, Song Il Gook and the triplets go on a walk in the park. While doing so, they meet a “real” dinosaur that makes them run for their lives.

Last year, when they met a robotic dinosaur in a park, they were scared out of their minds, too. Not much has changed one year later.
Manse runs and hides behind a staff member while bawling his eyes out and Daehan and Minguk do the same.

During Song Il Gook’s individual interview, he says, “They’re crazy about dinosaurs at home, so I don’t know why they are scared of them. I guess they’re still babies.”

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