Lee Seoeon & Lee Seojun Transform into Boot Camp Soldiers on “The Return Of Superman”

On the upcoming episode of “The Return Of Superman,” Lee Seoeon & Lee Seojun have a blast playing in a challenging obstacle course playground.
When the twins enter the playground, they are faced with tire swings, balancing beams, monkey bars, and more obstacles to overcome.
As soon as Seoeon steps into the playground, he looks as confident as ever. He sticks out his signature round belly and climbs up a hill firmly grabbing a rope.
Seoeon’s scared self from the past is nowhere to be seen as he climbs up to the top and dominates the obstacle course.
Seojun, on the other hand, is less of a soldier and remains his own silly self. Right before he goes on the tire swing, Lee Hwi Jae asks, “Who do you want to see most right now?” and Seojun shouts, “Me!”
To see more of the twins’ take on the boot camp playground, watch the next episode of “The Return Of Superman” on September 20 at 4:50 p.m. KST.
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