"The Return Of Superman” Song Manse Is Upset When His Brothers Get Punished, He Wants to Take Punishment Together


On the August 9 episode of “The Return Of Superman,” the Song triplets, Choo Sarang, and Yuto get etiquette lessons.
One of the lessons that the children learn is that they shouldn’t leave leftovers. However, among the triplets, Manse is the only one that finishes his food. Daehan and Minguk say that they don’t think they can eat any more, and Daehan says, “I think my stomach is going to hurt.”

Because the two older triplets weren’t able to finish their food, the teacher tells them to stand up. Manse, seeing his brothers stand up, says he will stand, too, but he is stopped. However, upset, Manse starts crying, and when the teacher tells him to stand, as he seems to want to take the punishment with his brothers, he is more than willing to do so and immediately gets to his feet, raising his arms high above his head.

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