Daehan Minguk Manse Fun Time At Mud Flat - They're Not Scare Anymore

Song Triplets Are All Smiles at Mud Flat on “Superman Returns”

Our cute superman triplet, Daehan Minguk Manse tackle a mud flat with their father in the upcoming 85th episode of KBS2′s “The Return Of Superman.”
Having previously visited a mud flat, the brothers’ behavior reflect how much they have matured since their last trip. They bravely walk on the mud flat and even try to catch clams themselves.
On their previous trip, the triplets had detested mud. This time around they comment, “It looks like ice cream.” Rather than being repulsed, they show eager curiosity.

Song Il Gook Triplets
Minguk stuck next to a stranger grandfather catching razor shells and observed him carefully. He is especially intrigued by the razor shells appearing after salt get sprinkled on the mud flat. His efforts to help makes the grandfather smile.
Manse meanwhile, doesn’t simply observe and tries to catch clams himself. He even proves to be more skilled than his father and gains the title “Mud Flat Prince.” Then Daehan catches a specter shrimp and calls it a bug, making everyone laugh.
You can see more of their mud flat trip when this episode airs on July 5.

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