Yano Shiho, Tears Up Over Her Surprise Birthday Party on “The Return Of Superman”

The July 12 episode of KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Supermans” featured Choo Sarang and Choo Sung Hoon preparing a surprise for Yano Shiho‘s birthday. Together, they wrote a letter in a large sketch book, like the one that Yano Shiho had made for Choo Sung Hoon’s comeback match a while ago.

When Yano Shiho saw the letter that her husband and her daughter had made together, she was so surprised and started crying. Although she was trying to stop crying, there were more surprises for her. Chu Sarang sang “happy birthday” for her mother, and presented her with a large bouquet of flowers. After smiling for a brief moment, Yano Shiho started crying again.

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