Song Il Gook Receives Drama Offer, Dillema Must Choose Between Drama and “The Return Of Superman”?

After receiving a casting offer for KBS’ upcoming historical drama “Jang Young Sil” (working title), actor Song Il Guk is facing quite a dilemma with his future decision of his role in Return Of Superman.

If Song Il Guk takes up the drama offer, it will be his first comeback to the small screen in about four years, since appearing in “Crime Squad” in 2011. However, the decision does not seem to be as easy or simple as it might appear.

The actor is said to be reviewing the drama carefully, as filming for the drama may interfere with his schedule for KBS’ “The Return Of Superman,” on which he has been appearing with his triplet sons.
Filming for “The Return Of Superman” takes place every two or three weeks for two days. If this fixed schedule overlaps with drama filming, it will undoubtedly put pressure on Song Il Guk, especially his physical strength. It will also be a tough task to adjust and balance filming schedules for both, which could possibly result in withdrawing from “The Return Of Superman.”

According to a representative of the drama on June 21, “It is possible for the production team of both programs to negotiate his schedule. The ultimate decision comes down to Song Il Gook.”

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