This Is The Reason Why Manse Ended Up To Be The Little Mermaid, Not Minguk

Min Gook the middle baby of triplet, gave viewers a decent chuckle with his response to seeing himself dressed as a mermaid.

On the late of May telecast of KBS' show "The Return Of Superman," the triplets' father, Song Il Gook, took his three children to a studio where they could spruce up and have their photographs taken.

So as to play out the tale of "The Little Mermaid," the three young triplet baby started their change into the characters of the prince , the mermaid, and the ocean witch.

Before getting changed, Minguk communicated that he needed to tackle the part of the mermaid character. Then again, as Song Il Gook began to dress him in the mermaid outfit, piece by piece, Min Gook was in for a surprise.

In the wake of seeing himself wearing the tight-fitting, sequined tail, Min Gook burst into tears and cried, "Minguk doesn't like to be the mermaid. Remove these dress. I would prefer not to change into anything," and eventually tumbled to the floor in tears.

Thus, the parts were exchanged and the most youthful triplet, Manse, made the change into 'Manse The Mermaid.' And for some reason he look so happy to become the Mermaid as he smile and feel into his role.

Watch the adorable and funny scene here:

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