Lee Seoeon & Lee Seojun Challenge To Eat Spicy Food, Who's Gonna Win?

On the up and coming scene of KBS'a most popular variety show "The Return Of Superman," Lee Hwi Jae and his twin children Lee Seoeon and Lee Seojun set out for some angling for inhaled. In the wake of angling, the family takes a seat to eat and the twin baby attempt a hot pepper dipping sauce.

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 Lee Seojun, known to be exceptionally inquisitive, sees his father dipping a bit of crude inhaled in a fiery sauce and emulates him, plunging his own particular singed inhaled in the same sauce and chew it. When he tastes the fieriness, his eyes open wide and he begins tearing up. Not comprehending what to do, he puts his hands in his mouth to attempt to dispose of the taste.

His sibling Lee Soeoen meanwhile chooses to gather up a portion of the fiery dipping sauce with his finger and take a taste. Seoeon has a strongly diverse response than his sibling, seeming casual and actually snickering while tasting the hot sauce. Seo Eon appears to as of now have the sense of taste of a grown-up.

Astounded that his 23 month old twins are consuming the hot sauce, Lee Hwi Jae jokingly asks them, "What star would you say you are from?"

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