Lee Seoeon & Lee Seojun Becomes Out Of Control !!! Check Out What's The Reason Of Their Strange Behaviour

On 59th episode of Kbs2's "The Return Of Superman," Lee Hwi Jae's twin children, Lee Seo Eon and Lee Seo Joon, abandoned their dad and become out of control.

Lee Hwi Jae took his children on a night out in Seoul, yet rather than the staggering night see, the twins discovered something that they can't resist or even move their sight from it – Yes, Candy!

"Amazing!" the twins shrieked in pleasure as they every grabbed hold of a confection candy machine. It was evident Seo Eon and Seo Joon had no different contemplations than strongly looking into the machine brimming with bunch of sugary treasure. Lee Hwi Jae attempted to attract the twins' consideration once again to himself, yet he had no good fortune.

"Alright, we should go watch the night view," said the twins' dad. Stay still, the twins stood established set up without actually taking attention to their dad. As of right now, Lee Hwi Jae needed to use more energy to stand out just enough to be noticed's by his twins.

"Fine, daddy's taking off! Bye!" again attempted the father. To this, Seo Joon answered, "Alright, bye daddy!"

You want to see their cute footage? Wait for episode 59 of "The Return Of Superman" which will air this week.

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