Strawberry Eating Battle Between Sarang and Minguk

All well-known for their insatiable voracities, Choo Sarang and triplets Daehan, Minguk, and Manse's first dinner together is something to anticipate.

The December 21 telecast of KBS' "Return Of Superman" will demonstrate the initially meeting in the middle of Sarang and the triplets. Cams will take after Song Il kook as he takes Daehan, Mingook, and Manse on a trek to Tokyo, Japan to visit Chu Sung Hoon's home.

Climbing as late inclining "mokbang" (consuming show) stars, the Song Triplets are prepared to show off exactly how much they can consume by and by. Upon their landing in Japan, it is said that Sarang and the triplets, particularly Minguk, fought it out amid a consuming challenge, as they stuffed themselves with heavenly strawberries. With their modest hands loaded with a greater number of strawberries than they can handle, Sarang and Minguk showed their aggressive nature.

Is it true that you are eager to watch this cute consuming rivalry?

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