Tablo and Haru Will Leave Superman Is Back Show In The End Of The Year?

After the left of Jang Hyunsuk's family from Return Of Superman show recently, there some following rumour spreading which said haru and Tablo will leave "Superman Is Back" in the end of the year. As the rumour leaks YG entertainment as tablos's agency denied this rumour clearly.

Tablo's agency denied rumors brought up with recent news about his family leaving 'Superman is Back' at the end of the year.

According to an article, broadcast insiders mention that Tablo and Haru was sorting out his busy schedule for EPIK HIGH upcoming comeback reportedly set for this fall, and ultimately made the decision to stay on the show only up until the end of this year.

In response, a YG Entertainment rep told Star News on the 14th, "We haven't discussed their possible leave, so we don't know why there are rumors that they will stay on the show only up until the end of this year... We've never even talked about how long they will stay on the program or when they will leave... There was no such talk, so they will continue to do the show. As long as there are no changes made to the show itself, they will keep appearing on it."

So we can let out a sigh of relief as Tablo and Haru seem to be in it for the long run! Kee watching this show and support them everyone!!!

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