Choo Sarang "Superman is Back" Stars Receives 200K Every TV Commercial

The popular KBS 2 TV entertainment program "Return Of Superman Show" Choo Sarang Chan is the new star of TV commercials recently. According to a Japanese sites report, Korean-Japanese MMA fighter Choo Sung Hoon and Japanese top model Yano Shiho's daughter Choo Sarang Chan receives around $200K for filming one of her TV commercial, which is what many A-list actresses receive for filming a commercial. The news reported that Choo Sarang currently appears in eight different TV commercials or CF, in addition to the KBS 2 TV entertainment program "Superman ComeBack Show" In addition, the news reported that Yano Shiho, who rarely appears in Japanese TV shows, could be planning to show up more on Korean TV shows with Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang Chan. Choo Sung Hoon's agency commented on this, saying, "We speculate that this type of news came out as fans are becoming more and more interested in Choo Sarang cuteness. The reported amount for TV commercials is different from the real amount." In related news, the popular KBS 2 TV entertainment program "Return Of Superman Show" featuring Epik High Tablo's daughter Haru, MMA fighter Choo Sung Hoon's daughter Choo Sarang, actor Song Il Gook's triplets Dae Han, Min Gook, Man Sae, and comedian Lee Hwi Jae's twin sons Lee Suh Joon and Lee Suh Jin airs every Sunday night.

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